Tours / Excursions / Camps

Tours / Excursions / Camps

Tours to foreign countries are organized during Diwali Break or at the start of the Winter vacation in December for 10-12 days. The students are escorted by school staff.

Parents are intimated with the details of the tour, cost etc. and their consent is asked for much in advance to enable the organizer to make the bookings accordingly. Therefore parents are required to get the passport of the child made in the beginning of the academic year.

The children are also taken on excursions and hikes from time to time.

There are Camps organized for the students 3-4 days, where emphasis is given on education through exploration. During these adventure days students embark on joyous journey of traversing forest, crossing valley, kayaking river, use of safety gears and equipments, along with basic survival techniques like rope knotting, rappelling, self defense, rifle shooting, map making, and also bird watching, plant spotting and night safaris. These camping days starts as an adventure and ends as a journey where children find themselves.

All outings are billed