The Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

Things NOT covered in fees (For Fee Schedule of Normal & Special Dormitories, Email to the Office)


The bills for the below mentioned items will be sent quarterly and should be paid within a week of
receiving them.
Non-payment of fees can debar the students from appearing from Test / Examination or sent back
home. The office does not send out reminders for fees or other expenses; therefore parents are
requested to make all payments in time to avoid a fine for late payment.

Fee/Expenses must be deposited in the School’s Account.
Cheques are not accepted.

1. Doctor’s Consultation/Medical Expenses if any….
2. On campus Annual health check-up by team of Physician, Dentist, Optometrist, Audiometric &
Spirometry technicians & Electronic Health Record & NASOVAC-S Influenza Vaccine @ Rs.1800/-.
3. Travelling & Escort expenses as below
Pune @ Rs. 3500/-, Vashi @ Rs. 4000/- & June @ Rs. 4500/-
4. Private Tuitions if required @ Rs.5000/- per subject per month.
5. Vacation Charges Rs.5000/- per month (incase a student stays back in the hostel).
6. Birthday celebrations @ Rs.7000/-
7. Text Books and Stationery for one year – Rs. 6500/-
8. School Uniforms – As per the year’s quotation.
9. Clothing other than uniforms.
10. Photographs.
11. Toiletries.
12. Special Wash/Dry-cleaning.
13. Breakage/Damage to school/hostel property.
14. Examination Fee/Migration Certificate Fees.
15. Item supplied for any school functions.
16. Hair–cut.
17. Pocket Money for Canteen (Rs.400/-)
18. Outings/Camping – As per the year’s quotation.
19. Photo ID of Parents/Guardian @ Rs.300/- Each.

In case the bills are not reimbursed in time the school will not provide any of the facilities mentioned above.