Admission Information


Admissions are open to children aged 3 years and above in the Nursery class. Admissions are also granted to students of other classes till Std. XII.

With the view to help parents seeking admissions for their child/children the following procedure has been adopted:

  • New admissions are made in the beginning of each term.
  • Admission of a child to the institution will mean a complete acceptance, by Parent/Guardian of all institution rules as in force or as amended from time to time. Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Institution.
  • Children should be registered as early as possible with the institution. For this purpose, Parents/ Guardians are required to submit:
    1) Admission Form
    2) Admission Fee Rs. 10,500/- (Non- Refundable)
    3) Birth Certificate of the child.
    4) Residential Proof of Parent.
    5) Pan Card/Aadhar Card of Mother, Father.
    6) Passport size photographs (2 each) of Student, Mother, Father, Guardian.

For admission, application forms for Admission should be duly filled and submitted to the office. These forms are categorized as follows:

  • Direct admission to Kindergarten.
  • Admissions from schools in Maharashtra- subject to Eligibility Test.
  • Admissions from other states in India and Abroad- subject to Eligibility Test. (Eligibility Tests are held in English, Mathematics and Hindi)

Students coming from outside Panchgani have to get the Transfer Certificate COUNTERSIGNED by the Educational Officer of the Zone.

Please Note:

  • New Admissions begin in January.
  • It is important that the Office has your latest address.
  • All offers of vacancy are date-lined, and will automatically lapse if formalities required subsequent to offer made are not completed by the stipulated date.
  • On the admission of the child to the school, an ORIGINAL COPY of the TRANSFER / SCHOOL LEAVING CERTIFICATE from the last school attended will have to be furnished.
  • Fees, etc., has to be paid at the time of formalizing admissions.
  • The institution reserves the right of refusing admission/re-admission without assigning any reason for doing so.