The Rules

General Rules

Tuck is Allowed

Limited Tuck (snacks) is permitted.
However, butter/ghee/jam/Nutella/cheese/mayonnaise, dryfruits, chutneys/pickle are permitted.
Parcel containg Tuck is not permitted.

Pocket Money

Pocket money is utilized/given to the students for canteen/marketing/outing and parents are billed for the same.

Extra pocket-money is only allowed on special occasions, e.g. Picnics and Fetes. The amount should be deposited in the school account or sent to the office by Demand Draft

Parents/relatives/friends are NOT permitted to give cash to their child/ ward.

Leave of Absence for Children

Leave will be sanctioned only for the following reasons:

  • Wedding of real brother/sister or parents real brother/sister.
  • Condolence immediate relation.
  • Orthodontic Treatment.
  • Medical leave – will be considered only on production of a medical certificate and endorsed by the Medical Officer of the institution. The duration will be specified on the certificate.
  • Exeats- From 4:00 pm or after any function programmed for the Saturday in question to 6:00 pm on Sunday, provided the child is not required for any activity or extra studies.
  • All leave will be sanctioned by the Principal on receipt of a written request stating clearly the reason for leave.
  • No child is allowed to leave with friends or servants without the written authority of the parents.
  • Since the dates of vacations are fixed, travel arrangements for going abroad etc. should be made well in advance. Joining late or leaving early will not be permitted.
  • Students are required to report back on the stated day or time after the identified exeat or vacation. Failing to do so a fine of Rs.1000/- per day will be levied.

Vacation / Exeats
  • There are vacations/breaks during Summer or Monsoon, Diwali and Christmas.
  • The institution arranges a Travel Party under the care of members of the staff as far as Pune and Mumbai.
  • Students will not be allowed to spend their holidays/exeats with friends.
  • Students are not permitted to travel unescorted.
  • Notice and details of travel arrangements are sent to parents or guardians prior to the commencement of vacations.

A student is required to have at least 80% of attendance of the total working days to entitle him/her to appear for Final Examinations. Parents are requested to abide by the dates of holidays/vacations/exeat breaks, and not make extensions of the same.

For absence without permission/joining late after holidays/exeats, etc., a fine of Rs.1000/- per head, per day will be levied.



The Transfer/School/College Leaving Certificate is issued only if all the dues of the institution are paid.

Parents / Guardian wishing to withdraw child/ children from the institution at the end of the Academic Year, i.e. after the Annual Examinations (Std. I to IX) or after Std. X (ICSE/SSC)Board Examinations, must give the Principal notice of their intention by 15th January (Std. I to IX). Parents of students of Std. X ICSE/SSC should give a notice of withdrawal latest by 15th March. In case notice is not given by 15th January and 15th March, parents will pay Rs.50,000/- in lieu of notice.
No Changes or Deviation will be made in this rule.

Parents are advised, in their own interest to send notice of withdrawal by Registered AD Post or by E-mail. Intimation on telephone will not be considered.

A duplicate Transfer/School/College Leaving Certificate is issued only when supported by a sworn affidavit.

Sunday is an office holiday. The institution cannot make arrangements for the withdrawal of a child on a Sunday or other holidays / vacations.

Fee / Dues Rules

Fees and other charges are liable to be revised at any time. Full Term fee is charged, irrespective of the fact when the pupil joins the institution.
Fees once paid are Non- Refundable. All dues of students studying in Std. X/XII should be cleared by 15th January.
Incase Fees/Dues are not paid as per the stipulated date, a fine of Rs.100/- per day will be levied and no exception will be made in this respect.
Parents are thus requested NOT to ask the Principal to sanction deviations from the rules mentioned above as this request would also amount to request for deviation from School Policy.

Non-payment of fees can debar the students from appearing from Test/Examination or sent back home. The office does not send out reminders for fees or other expenses; therefore parents are requested to make all payments in time to avoid a fine for late payment. All Demand Drafts must be drawn in favour of PINEWOODS INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL & JUNIOR COLLEGE, PANCHGANI. Cheques are not accepted. Money, for special occasion must be sent by Demand Draft or deposited in school account.

Fees can be deposited at any branch of Bank of Maharashtra or HDFC Bank.

Rules of Discipline
  • It is obligatory to speak only in English.
  • Any damage done to the property has to be paid for.
  • All students are responsible to the teachers of the institution/authorities for their behavior, both inside and outside the institution. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct on the part of the students shall render them liable to face disciplinary action.
  • All students are responsible to the teachers of the institution/authorities for their behavior, both inside and outside the institution.
  • Any reported or observed objectionable conduct on the part of the students shall render them liable to face disciplinary action.
  • Disrespect for and disobedience to Superiors and Teachers, using abusive and obscene words, and exhibiting other habits or behavior considered by the teachers/authorities as objectionable in the student, will render the student liable to be dismissed/rusticated.
  • The institution maintains “Discipline Cards” for all students. Entries are made in the card, if a student persists in breaking the rules of discipline, the parents are notified accordingly and the student is likely to be expelled without notice.
  • Students must return after holiday/Exeat Breaks on the day and time determined. A fine of Rs. 1000/- per student, per day will be levied in case the rule is broken.
  • No student may leave the premises of the institution alone/with parent/relative without the permission of Principal.
  • Students out on Exeat have to seek permission from the Principal to leave the town.
  • Parents/Guardian are totally responsible for their child/ward when they are out on Exeat. Students must not be allowed to be out alone with friends in the market, specially late at night. They should be under the supervision of Parent/Guardian. Also Parent/Guardian are responsible for purchases of any item that is banned in the institution.
  • It is the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian to handover the student to the office. Do not leave the child with any other child’s parent. No student is allowed to return back to the institution with friend/friend’s parent.
  • Parents should not give mobile phones/smart watches etc. to their child/ward. Doing so would mean that the concerned parent is encouraging INDISCIPLINE in the institution.
  • No presents/favours to be given/done to the teachers/matrons/office staff/servants, etc.
  • A Student who fails consecutively twice in the same class is liable to be asked to leave the institution.
  • Smoking, Chewing tobacco, Drugs, etc., are BANNED. Students caught taking any of the above will be rusticated without warning.
  • Each student should endeavour to keep up the high standard and good name of the institution by excelling in refined manners and deportment.