The Facilities


Facilities Provided by Pinewoods International

Science Laboratories

The institution has a well equipped Science Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students are supervised by qualified trained teachers.

Computer Laboratory

The institution has a well equipped Computer Laboratory -The course commences with an easy-to-understand programming language. Educational packages for Standard I to V – BASIC, Educational Software Computer Programs; std. VI to XII – Windows & Java Based Programs, C++, VB and HTML.

Library & Projects

Children also study supplementary text which enables them to learn about topics related to their syllabus in an expansive manner. Extensive use is made of ‘Project Work’ to encourage the investigative approach

The Stores

Adequate provision has been made to supply the prescribed text books, stationery, uniforms, school ties, badges, uniform sweaters and socks etc. school shoes, night suits, under-linen, coloured sweaters, coloured shoes and socks, swimming costumes, etc. are also available at the stores. Bills for the same are sent out to the parents every term.

Incase toiletries are not provided by the parents the institution supplies the same every month to the students and bills are sent out to the parents.


Pinewoods provide vegetarian diet for its students. The diet is drawn up by its experts, is full and nutritious, cooked in hygienic kitchen under the direction of a well qualified and experienced catering staff. Meals are supervised by Mistress or Master on duty. The Students & Staff Food Committee meets regularly to give suggestions.

Boys and girls eat together in the Central Dining Hall. The meals consist of Breakfast, Elevenses, Lunch, Snack Time and Dinner. Though the diet normally does not require to be supplemented yet special diet is supplied only on grounds of medical necessity as certified by a Medical Officer, at the cost of parents. Parents are allowed to provide Bournvita, Boost, Complan etc.


Children must be thoroughly fit if they are to derive the maximum benefit from the education. They will be subject to a medical examination on admission.

The institution has well equipped infirmaries separate for boys and girls. The Medical Officer, who attends everyday on fixed timings, maintains the health record of each child. Parents are required to submit the medical form with required tests reports.

Special interest is taken in the development and welfare of each child. The children are weighed regularly and the institution has a clearly defined program of preventive medical inspections, dental inspection and eye-tests.

The diet is constantly inspected and revised. We should like to take this opportunity of drawing the attention of parents to the fact that the loss of a kilogram or so in weight during a very active term is not in itself a sign of poor or failing health.

Parents sometimes worry unnecessarily. We would stress that children are always under close observation by the Medical Officer. If a child spends more than 48 hours in the infirmary, the parent is informed and either asked to take the child home or if the child is in the infirmary the daily progress reports are supplied until the child can join institution again. Parents can telephonically enquire about the child’s well being from the office.

Visiting hours at the institution during child’s sickness are to be decided by consulting the Principal.

Parents and Visitors are not permitted to supply fruits or sweets and food-stuffs or medicines to patients without the permission of the Medical Officer. In the event of a child requiring treatment beyond the scope of the institution he/she will be transferred to some hospital in Pune or be sent home.

Tonics and patient’s medicines will be allowed only with the permission of the Medical Officer.

All treatments and medicines are billed and to be paid by parents.