The Pinewoods Hostel

Hostel life at Pinewoods International High School & Junior College

Hostel Life

The institution has a well furnished hostel to cater to the needs and comfort of the students. Dormitories are separate for Boys and Girls, Primary and Secondary. Each room is compact and well equipped with attached W.C., hot water shower, lockers, dresser, color television with cable connection. Some dormitories have the provision of Air Conditioning, fridge, etc.

Living in a hostel helps students become more independent and responsible, as they are required to manage their own schedules and take care of their own needs. Hostel life also provides students with a sense of community and fosters friendships that can last a lifetime. In addition, students have access to a range of facilities and resources that are often not available to those who live off-campus, such as libraries, study rooms, and recreational facilities. Hostel life also allows students to immerse themselves in campus life, attend events and activities, and take advantage of all the opportunities that the school has to offer.

Pinewoods prides on being an institution where the quality of boarding provision is second to none.

Matron/Warden attend to the immediate needs of pupils, as well as supervise/attend the domestic arrangements such as laundry, bathing, repairs, hairdressing/cutting, etc. We also believe that a vigorous boarding routine gives structure and discipline in preparing for adult life. However we are not insensitive to the emotional and personal difficulties of our pupil.

There are weekly competitions for tidiest dormitory/student/class as well as for general efficiency and behavior in school/college and hostel.