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Requirement List : I

Requirement List : II

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All girls joining the school/college should have clean hair. Hair will be cut short in case nits and lice are found in the hair.

The clothes/linen etc. that are provided by the parents are for school use only.

Therefore these clothes/linen etc. will not be given to the students for use during Exeats/Vacations.

You are requested to bring clothes for your child’s wear on your visit during Exeats.

Similarly, for the vacations the child will not carry clothes that were provided for school wear.

All clothes/linen etc. will be returned to the parents at the end of the academic year after Annual Examinations.
Every item provided by the parents must be as per the list only. Please do not provide any extra item. All clothes/linen should have the child’s name embroidered on them.

Two copies of list of items provided by parents should be given to the office.


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